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Pursuant to its mandate of disseminating messages of peace and national unity and in view of current political campaigns, the Management of the National Commission for Democracy (NCD) is calling on all well-meaning Sierra Leoneans to keep the peace and maintain law and order now, during and after the March 7, 2018 elections.

At a time like this, all politicians and political parties should work towards ensuring peaceful co-existence around the electioneering process. In this regard, politicians and political parties should be promoting the rule of law that is a pre-requisite for a successful consolidation of the nation’s democracy.

It is then the reasoned view of the Management of NCD that the laws and regulations around the electioneering process should be understood in the interest of the common good and not seen as being restrictive or acting ultra vires. With specific reference to the regulation on vehicular movement, a lot has been said and the essence is not to deny people their human rights, but rather it is meant to enhance the security situation in the length and breadth of the Country. Even as legal provisions are never absolute, due consideration should be given to the direct benefits of security consciousness around the elections even as attempt is made to reduce the tension around the elections.

Furthermore, the Management of NCD is seriously concerned about the heavy dose of propaganda that has taken over the airwaves in the name of campaigning for the support or votes of the electorate in the forthcoming elections. Politicians and political parties are reminded that they must make it a point of duty to win the support or votes of the electorate through sincere means and not use any dubious means with far-reaching implications for national unity. It is encouraged that all must endeavor to seek the best interest of the nation as a patriotic duty or responsibility. It should be noted that any wrong turn as a nation might land us into serious problems and conscious effort is required to hold the nation together with politicians and political parties taking the lead in making a commitment.

The Management of NCD wishes to remind the people of this nation that as we fix our focus on electing the next set of leaders to govern Sierra Leone, everything must be done to ensure that we do not provoke a war situation with due consideration given to the fact that we are yet to recover fully from the last civil war that wreaked so much havoc on the development of the Country. We are to remind ourselves that the nation is at a crossroad and what we do now has the implications of making or breaking the nation and we cannot afford to leave a devastating legacy for the upcoming generation. We must we determined in our resolve to foster the best for the Land that we love, our Sierra Leone.

Long Live Democratic Consolidation!

Long Live Peaceful Elections!

Long Live a United Sierra Leone!


NCD Management

Monday, February 12, 2018



All Press and Media Houses

All Civil Society Organizations

All Registered Political Parties

All Consular and Diplomatic Missions

All Governance Institutions

All Ministries, Departments and Agencies

Sierra Leone Police

Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces

UNDP and Other UN Agencies









The National Commission for Democracy (NCD) invites suppliers and contractors for pre-qualification/registration of suppliers from interested and eligible bidders for the supply of the under listed goods, services and works for the 2018 Financial Year.


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