The Constitution of Sierra Leone 1991

Act No. 6 of 1991, that is, the Constitution of Sierra Leone is the foundational law of the nation of Sierra Leone. In its original form, the Constitution has Fourteen (14) Chapters and One Hundred and Ninety-Two (192) sections. Chapter One is titled "The Republic of Sierra Leone with Three (3) Sections. The Second Chapter is titled "Fundamental Principles of State Policy" with Eleven (11) Sections. Chapter Three (3) is titled "The Recognition and Protection of Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms of the Individual" with Sixteen (16) Sections. The Fourth Chapter is titled "The Representation of the People" with Nine (9) Sections. Chapter Five is titled "The Executive" with Two (2) Parts and Thirty-Three (33) Sections. Whereas Chapter Six is titled "The Legislature" with Six (6) Parts and Forty-Seven (47) Sections. Chapter Seven (7) is titled "The Judiciary" with Six (6) Parts and Twenty-Six (26) sections. The Eight Chapter is titled "Ombudsman" with One Section. Chapter Nine (9) is titled "Commissions of Inquiry" with Four (4) Sections. Chapter Ten (10) is titled "The Public Service" with Four (4) Parts and Fourteen (14) Sections. Chapter Eleven (11) is titled "The Armed Forces" with Five (5) Sections. Chapter Twelve (12) is titled "The Laws of Sierra Leone" with One (1) Section. Chapter Thirteen (13) is titled "Miscellaneous" with Three (3) Sections. Chapter Fourteen (14) is titled "Transitional Provisions" with Nineteen (19) Sections. There are Four (4) Schedules set out in the Constitution. Click here to download the full document       

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The Chairman
Dr. Abubakar Kargbo

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