The Agenda for Prosperity

It is incumbent on every Sierra Leonean to be au fait with this important document that provides a road map to prosperity for the nation of Sierra Leone. The Agenda for Prosperity is also known as PRSP III and as a national document, it becomes very necessary for all to know about it so that it can be properly monitored to ensure the effective implementation of the Agenda. It stands on eight (8) pillars that indicate the focus of the government by way of realizing the Agenda for Prosperity. Pillar 1 focuses on "Diversified Economic Growth". Pillar 2 focuses on "Managing Natural Resources". Pillar 3 focuses attention on "Accelerating Human Development". Pillar 4 focuses attention on "International Competitiveness". With Pillar 5, the focus is on "Labour and Employment". Pillar 6 focuses attention on "Social Protection". With Pillar 7, the focus is on "Governance and Public Sector Reform". Pillar 8 focuses on "Gender and Women's Empowerment". Click here to download the full document

Chairman's photo
The Chairman
Dr. Abubakar Kargbo

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